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The company and its professionals who offer services through the Site accept no responsibility for any medical, legal or financial events or outcomes related to services attained through the use of the Site, which is being provided on an as is basis as a platform to get health information particularly for brain related disorders. Our purpose is to place the information online for easy use and access by the people of India. We also do not take any responsibility for the credibility of the doctors placed on line as they have been placed after payment of required registration fees. If any doctor is not contactable by SMS/email, the company holds no responsibility for the same. Also regarding the health services and brain store, we have outsourced most of the services and we do not take any responsibility for non-delivery or late delivery or mail delivery of the service.

The information provided on this Website in form of Education Source is for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for sound professional medical advice, the evaluation or care from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Nothing on this Website should be used for treating or diagnosing a medical or health condition or for replacing any relationship with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. The health information furnished on this Website and the interactive responses (if any) furnished by or through this Website are not intended to or implied to be professional medical advice. You are recommended to consult other sources and confirm the information contained within this Website. Your physician's advice for your problem holds the final say for your problem. In serious cases, seek immediate assistance from emergency personnel or visit the nearest hospital. In case you are not able to contact via SMS/EMAIL/PHONE any doctor placed on the website, you need to seek alternative doctor or advice. Also lodge a complaint for the problem and the Company shall look into the matter to resolve the problem. However, the Company holds no responsibility or legal liability for the same as you are using the service completely at your discretion and without any external force or compulsion. If you have or suspect that you may have a medical problem or condition, please contact a physician or other qualified healthcare provider immediately. No medications, diet supplements or treatments as may be described on this Website should be taken or begun without first consulting your physician.

The appointments taken from the site are the sole responsibility of the person booking the same. The misleading or wrong information entered by the person in the query form may lead to no response from the team. Hence, it is the sole responsibility of the person to put the correct information. In no case shall such liability be of the company if there has been a failure of response due to the misinformation.

The Company holds no responsibility of any kind for the answers received online for queries written to the doctors. It is the sole discretion of the person asking the query whether to follow the advice or not. The Company cannot be held liable for any kind of advice provided or followed. We are just a link between you and your online doctor and we strongly recommend you to ask your doctor or family physician and follow any advice accordingly.

Any claims made by the Company to be being a unique site, first in India etc are all part of the limited knowledge of the Company. In case that does not hold true, no legal action should be taken as we accept the limitations of presentation of information.

All the information presented in the site is edited by the professionals. In case of any unintentional error, the site or Company holds no sole responsibility as the reader is advised caution to read with care. The site information cannot be used as a legal standing for any reason whatsoever.

The Brain Line intended for asking any brain related questions is intended for ease of the service of the site and no medical questions shall be answered over the brain line. Only basic information about the accessibility or finding a right doctor shall be answered on the line. We do not take responsibility for any miscommunication arising out of the brain line, and the persons utilizing it understand that they are doing so at their own risks. We also do not take guarantee for the line being dysfunctional, not reachable or not accessible due to any technical reason. Although service says 24/availability, it is not intended for any emergency use. The persons intending to use the line should strictly consider using the line only for the purpose of the general information about brain related problems, site navigation and also for help in finding the right doctor. No medical /surgical or prescriptions etc. shall be provided on the site. We do not take any responsibility or legal liability by answering any of the questions which are misunderstood or not understood by the caller.TheCompany reserves full rights to stop the service when it seems feasible without any prior notification or intimation to anyone.

The video presented on the site is only for educational purpose and no claim for any information from the same can be presented in any legal forum.

The Site is not intended to prescribe medicine and diagnose a medical condition or to be used to treat a medical emergency or medical condition. The Site is not intended to be used to Advise or resolve legal, medical or financial issues. For any medical emergency, immediately contact the emergency number in your country. The site shall be updated regularly and one needs to be in constant touch for any new information and relevant information as the Company holds no responsibility to pass on any communication in this regards on an ongoing basis. The brain click site does answer questions and queries posted by the people. However, it is your responsibility to cross check all information provided as answers as the owners, managers, directors and employees of the Company hold no direct liability for any misinformation or misunderstanding for the subject. The Company assumes no guarantee or claim for its accurateness of any such information. All advice and/or information obtained directly or indirectly from the Site are provided at your own risk.

The International Connect service is exclusively for non-Indian nationals and it is for providing a facility for easy access to the doctors and medical services for them. We again do not hold any claims to be choosing the best doctor and any complication arising out of choosing our suggested doctors does not t us legally responsible or liable. We are just listing and providing the service, it is the sole discretion of the people using it and is advised to cross check or re check the credentials of the doctors presented in the site for their service. We do not support 100% availability of currency or the translation and food support, we will try our best to arrange for our non-English speaking clients but no claim or legal liability against the company shall be made in this regards. Company is not responsible for any misleading information provided on part of the international client while providing their details of contact. We do not guarantee availability of the international connect service round the year, and solely on the discretion of the company to withdraw the services at any point in time.

The centers and hospitals listed in the site are after registration in our membership program. We do not take any responsibility in case of any medical issue arising by using the medical hospital or center listed on the site. We hold no legal guarantee or authority for their being the best in any form. We also do not take any liability for any mishandling of any patient by any of the centers or hospitals listed on the site.

Any listing, name, content, material of any professional or firm found on this site does not constitute any endorsement or recommendations. When deciding to take advice and/or hire any professional or firm, you should do your own independent research as to the accuracy of the credentials expressed in the content.

We do not hold responsibility for misbehavior of any medical health professional listed on the website. We also do not hold any responsibility for any medical negligence on their behalf as that needs to be dealt with them personally. Our motto has been to place the information online for an easy access. All further interactions and medical advices are to be thoroughly understood and carried out at your own discretion. The information provided for the general medical knowledge use is not exclusive and you are required to visit relevant sites for complete or detailed information for the same.

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The Company does not endorse any product advertised on the Site nor does it endorse any particular doctors or hospitals/clinics. It just verifies the clinical information and after scrutiny places it online. Although after thorough scrutiny if there is a breach of information, the Company holds no legal liability pertaining to the same. The list of doctors, clinics, scan centers etc. is not exhaustive and is provided for easing out the search for the general people, it holds no other claims by itself.

The doctor joins the service with his full wish and understanding of the process of service capability. We hold no legal liability for non-receipt of patients from the portal. We do not promise any kind of patients or promise any sum for the doctors. It is in full reasoning and self-understanding that the doctor has agreed to list himself. Any doctor or center or hospital can be rejected by the Company and the sole rights of selection for the placement of the clinic, center, doctor, medical expert, home doctor rests with the Company. No challenges of any kind for any of the services mentioned in the site shall be entertained at any cost. Again the people using the services are using the services at their own discretion.

The site will be amended, rectified, changed as per the wish of the Company and Company does not ensure intimation to the doctors listed each time for the same. Similarly, the people who have used prior the service shall not be notified.

Participating in the site activity and putting data that you enter is solely at your own risk and the Company shall not be held liable in case the data placed on the site has been mishandled, although we have strict policy for non-violation or misuse of personal data. Any marketing call received from the site due to the agreement for placing the numbers is solely the responsibility of person allowing the placement and the Company has no legal hold or any say to avoid any such misuse. The doctors have choice to use call center number instead of the personal number to avoid such hassles. We shall ensure full protection of data of the doctor if he or she does not want to disclose.

Disclaimer of Liability of Brain Institute (Online ) and Tele Brain Click , if any, for damages (including without limitation liability arising out of tort, strict liability, negligence, contract or patent or copyright infringement) shall not exceed the lesser of (i) the fees paid, if any, to the company for the particular information or service provided on this Website both by the doctor and the patient. In no event shall the Company be liable for any damages other than the amount referred to above. The Company expressly disclaims and DOES NOT WARRANT that the functioning of this Website will be uninterrupted or error free; that any errors will be corrected; that any information on this Website is complete, accurate (although we strive for accuracy), or timely (or will be updated); and that this Website, or the server that makes it available, is or will be free of viruses or other harmful components. You are solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from downloading any material from this Website.